People always ask why I decided to become a photographer. I was not the girl who “picked up a camera as soon as I started walking and fell in love with the art of photography.” I was simply a girl who loved art! The problem was I never had the patience to sit with a pencil and paper and create a masterpiece. Hence, that  is why I started to take interest in photography as my creative outlet. When this became clear to me I decided to go full force into the career path. I attended Fanshawe College and graduated with a 2 year diploma in photography. With the help of my parents, who are successful business owners, I started my own photography business right out of college and have never looked back!!

There are so many reasons I love photography. I love all of the wonderful clients I have met over the years who have been so supportive. I love learning new things and striving to get better every time I pick up my camera. I love observing. A wedding day can fly by, but being able to stand back and observe the happiness that surrounds a bride and groom on their wedding day and capture it is amazing! I love those genuine, raw moments when the groom gets his first glimpse at his beautiful bride, or a mother treasuring the moment with her newborn baby. Those are the moments that I have the pleasure of capturing and make my job so fulfilling! I love people and how their expressions can make a photo come to life. Finally, I love that my profession allows me to focus on what is most important to me: my family. I simply LOVE my job and it does not get better then this!

Now for what makes me… ME!

I was born and raised in Goderich, Ontario and plan to stick around for years to come. I grew up in a family of 2 older brothers, which makes me the strong willed women I am today. I have been blessed with being part of such a fun, loving, and supportive family. I am a hopeless romantic… which is why I took a chance and called the number that a persistent young man left while I was waitressing. The best part is that it worked! That is how I met my amazing husband who couldn’t be a better match for me, I am so blessed. I love to laugh and be spontaneous. I am a huge Taylor Swift fan… you can pretty much bet that I am listening to her while editing my photos. When I am not behind my camera or computer I am enjoying nature by walking, camping, and soaking up the sun on the beautiful beaches of Goderich.



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